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Personal Nutrition Coaching- As a holistic nutritionist, I look at the big picture of wellness and give my clients the tools they need to make positive changes to improve their health. Through consultations discover how whole foods and lifestyle can lead to increased energy and overall vitality, contribute to better sleep, maintain homeostasis in weight and mood, manage stress and contribute to your overall health!

These sessions are personalized to your individual health and education goals. Whether you're looking to optimize your daily or athletic performance, improve digestion, identify food allergies, learn about detoxifying in today's world or how to make the best food choices possible in the midst of your professional life for you or your family, I can provide support and knowledge to empower your decisions. Several consultation packages are available. Click here to schedule a 15 minute complimentary call to learn more!  

Journey Optimizers Available:

Grocery Store/Farmers Market Tours

Kitchen Clean-Up and Pantry Stock 

Private Cooking Classes 

Meal Planning

Booster Food Packages 

Family Wellness:

I've always enjoyed working with children and over the past ten years I've gotten a unique glimpse into what areas modern day families are needing support in. While I specialize in Children's Nutrition and and Women's Health, what I realized in my work with moms was that it was more then what to eat and feed your kids. It was also learning how to cook for a growing family, finding the time for everything in the days that seem to fly by,  knowing which shortcuts to take and when not to compromise on lifestyle decisions you've made for your family. Through my Family Wellness Package we will prioritize and actualize your families health and wellness goals. 

Lifestyle changes don't happen overnight, and having a coach to help you along the process is helpful for long lasting change.  Two packages: 3 months, 5 months? Check-ins once a week?By working with me gain lifestyle tools to provide your family with a vibrant, healthy future.   Lifestyles are difficult to change overnight, and get What I realized was that even .

Sample topics to work on: Strategies for Picky Eaters, expanding variety of foods, reading and reading through labels, in utero eating, baby's first foods and beyond, ADHD support and prevention, packing school lunches, weekly meal planning, batch cooking strategy, stress management, self care techniques, childhood excesma and asmtha, Mommy brain fog, increasing energy, fertility support, autoimmune disease in family, weight management, breastfeeding support. 

working with picky eaters and how to inspire the love of good healthy food with kids, keeping mom sane. 10 years working with kids, saw a specific need for wellness in the family space. It can be hard taking care of yourself as a single person. Getting dinner on the table, packing lunch, knowing the first foods to feed my baby, can I cure my kids excemeza and ? with diet.  Give you strategies to make it work.  I have experience working with children, and think that family wellness is the key to providing your children with vibrant futures.

Corporate Programs- Take your work environment to a new level with a corporate wellness reboot. There are several class packages available. All of the classes can be customized to your company's or employees specific interests. All classes include a healthy snack and recipe! There is an option to do breakfast classes or lunch and learns as well. During or after the program employees receive special rates for employees to continue with personal nutrition consulting. 

“In continuously promoting and providing a healthy and productive work environment for our employees, CleanFund recently joined efforts with Eating For Health coach, Stephanie Adler, to present her valuable insights on how to eat for health and sustained energy.   Throughout the four week program, Stefanie was well prepared, receptive, and tailored the lesson plans to the interests voiced by the group.  The series was a highly-anticipated part of our employees’ week.  The insightful lessons learned continue to inspire healthy eating at CleanFund, as often evidenced by their energy boosting foods appearing in our kitchen.”

Greg Saunders, CEO

CleanFund Commercial PACE Capital, Inc. 

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