Testimonials from Clients

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“Stefanie is truly wonderful to work with. Her holistic approach started at square one, and leaves no stone unturned, as diet, mental and physical health are intertwined. She has given me the confidence and support to address my challenges by making incremental adjustments to my diet over time on which we both agree. The small changes add up and the results are real. I began working with Stefanie for my autoimmune condition. Not only have I seen my condition improve, but I’ve also experienced a plethora of other benefits, and I feel great. I highly recommend working with Stefanie, as her passion, knowledge and kindness make her your best ally.”
— Ben,Berkeley, CA

Life Changing. That is the effect that Stefanie had on me and my family. When you work with Stefanie, you get a complete, authentic and dedicated partner. No matter the day or hour, the question or concern she is right there as you take a holistic and complete journey to wellness. Stefanie's approach is unique in that every part of your life is included in the journey. While she may start with discussion about your diet, it quickly expands to a 360 degree approach, incorporating best practices with faith, mental and physical wellness as part of her work. I began working with Stefanie with a few short-term goals, that quickly pivoted under her guidance to developing a playbook for life. When you work with Stefanie, she does not just focus on a plan for today or tomorrow but one that you can use for years to come. I highly recommend working with Stefanie, her passion, knowledge, deep commitment and amazing kindness make her an essential partner as you begin on the road to new found health"- Scott, Oakland CA

“Over the last two years I’ve had the pleasure of working with Stefanie Adler in numerous programming capacities. I’ve hired her as a chef, educator, coach, and cannot rave enough about her. She’s passionate, creative, easy to work with and a joy to have around. Bright and caring, Stefanie is without a doubt an incredible chef that will make you love taking care of your body.”
— Analucia, San Francisco, CA


"I had the opportunity to take a series of nutrition classes with Stefanie, which was fantastic! I have always been interested in healthy eating habits, but needed some education on eating organic and  an overall update on nutrition. Stefanie provided all the information about various food categories and the importance of eating organic, as well as providing  recipes and recommending cookbooks. She brought delicious recipes that she prepared for us to sample at each class , which was super interesting to see the ingredient list. Stefanie is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about nutrition, which makes it very fun and engaging . We also did a trip to the grocery store, which was my favorite. I was able to ask her questions about the current products I am buying and getting suggestions on healthier options or brands. For example I learned the difference between cage free eggs and pasture eggs (they are not the same) and booster foods. All of the information I received helped me make better decisions about what foods to buy and where to buy them, as well as changing  my overall eating habits for an even healthier lifestyle.

Thank you Stefanie!"

Renee, Sausalito CA

“Truthful disclaimer: Stefanie Adler is my daughter. Another truth is that I was skeptical of her holistic approach to health and food. However, what I learned by accepting her as my health coach has changed my life. At 57 years old I was scheduled for a knee replacement. Just walking hurt. I had ballooned to a 44” waist and heading down the diabetes path. She made suggestions for reading about proper eating habits. She gave me a nutritional supplement plan, ideas on best eating habits, and was always there when I needed advice on foods. One year later, I am proud to say that I have lost 50 pounds. I have a 36” waist and feel like I’m in my 30’s again. I am back to exercising and doing physically demanding jobs. All my blood work shows I am on the path to a healthy future. All I needed to do was to  change my view on food and the way I eat. Now I just let my body do the rest. I attribute a lot of what I have accomplished to my trust in Stefanie’s advice and plan for me. She helped me reset my body to health and wellness. If you are seeking a nonjudgmental health coach that will care about your every step in the process, I highly recommend Stefanie. She is wonderful. A proud (and healthier) father. “ 
— Jason, Atlanta, GA

“In continuously promoting and providing a healthy and productive work environment for our employees, CleanFund recently joined efforts with Eating For Health coach, Stefanie Adler, to present her valuable insights on how to eat for health and sustained energy.   Throughout the four week program, Stefanie was well prepared, receptive, and tailored the lesson plans to the interests voiced by the group.  The series was a highly-anticipated part of our employees’ week.  The insightful lessons learned continue to inspire healthy eating at CleanFund, as often evidenced by their energy boosting foods appearing in our kitchen.”

Greg Saunders, CEO, CleanFund Commercial PACE Capital, Inc. 

“Stefanie prepared 3 days of meals for a retreat that I ran and our crowd was blown away by her talent. Stefanie’s cooking is beyond just delicious and healthy - she infuses every meal with intentionality that brings together health, flavor, creativity, and joy. Her passion for good food and educating others about the power of eating well is obvious. She is an absolute joy to work with and made the process of buying and portioning ingredients, budgeting, and cooking simple and fun. I highly recommend Stefanie to anyone looking to become more knowledgeable about whole foods cooking, nutrition, and practical steps to implementing wellness-based lifestyle changes.”
— Kyla, San Francisco, CA

"Stefanie Adler is a gem! I've attend two of her nutrition and food centric events, and was motivated to change my relationship to food after. Stefanie's focus on nourishment is truly inspiring and has helped launch my new relationship with food. For the first time, I feel like I'm on a journey to feel my best, and not on a diet to loose weight. This mentality has helped me loose 10 pounds in two months. I was lucky enough to indulge in her home-cooked meals for an entire weekend. Not only was the food beyond delicious (we all wanted the recipes), but I felt satisfied, full, and didn't leave craving more. Stefanie's passion, knowledge, and approachability cannot be matched. She is amazing at building communities centered around food. I look forward to continuing to learn from her at future events!" - Sivan, San Francisco, CA

“I had the honor of enjoying Stefanie’s dishes during a weekend retreat. Not only was her menu thoughtful and nourishing, but she catered to everyone’s dietary needs. As a vegan, it’s so comforting to have a chef that can plan both vegan/non-vegan menus. EVERY dish was delicious and inspired and Stefanie provided detailed information on the nutritional content of each dish. I’ll definitely be taking some of her tips back to my cooking!”
— Oliva, Oakland, CA

I had the pleasure to learn from Stefanie Adler over the past year in the context of several workshops and a retreats geared towards women's health and wellness. Stefanie knows the healing power of food first hand. She transforms the complex world of nutrition, making holistic eating accessible with her passion, wealth of knowledge and commitment to support each person's journey. I am incredibly grateful to Stefanie for introducing a new perspective on transformation through food, creating a community of healthy empowered women and adding endless yummy recipes to my life”. - Sarah, Palo Alto CA