Personal Nutrition Coaching

As a holistic wellness consultant, I look at the big picture of well being and give my clients the tools they need to make positive changes to improve their health. Through consultations discover how whole foods and lifestyle, with mind and body integration can lead to increased energy and overall vitality, contribute to better sleep, maintain homeostasis in weight and mood, manage stress and contribute to your overall health!


These sessions are personalized to your individual health and education goals. Whether you're looking to optimize your daily or athletic performance, improve digestion, identify food allergies, learn about detoxifying in today's world or how to make the best food choices possible in the midst of your professional life for you or your family, I can provide support and knowledge to empower your decisions. Several consultation packages are available. Click here to schedule a 15 minute complimentary call to learn more!  

Journey Optimizers Available:

  • Grocery Store/Farmers Market Tours

  • Kitchen Clean-Up and Pantry Stock

  • Private Cooking Classes

  • Meal Planning

  • Guided Meditation Session

  • Booster Food Packages

“Stefanie is truly wonderful to work with. Her holistic approach started at square one, and leaves no stone unturned, as diet, mental and physical health are intertwined. She has given me the confidence and support to address my challenges by making incremental adjustments to my diet over time on which we both agree. The small changes add up and the results are real. I began working with Stefanie for my autoimmune condition. Not only have I seen my condition improve, but I’ve also experienced a plethora of other benefits, and I feel great. I highly recommend working with Stefanie, as her passion, knowledge and kindness make her your best ally.” 

Ben, Berkeley, CA  

"I had the opportunity to take a series of nutrition classes with Stefanie, which was fantastic! I have always been interested in healthy eating habits, but needed some education on eating organic and  an overall update on nutrition. Stefanie provided all the information about various food categories and the importance of eating organic, as well as providing  recipes and recommending cookbooks. She brought delicious recipes that she prepared for us to sample at each class , which was super interesting to see the ingredient list. Stefanie is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about nutrition, which makes it very fun and engaging . We also did a trip to the grocery store, which was my favorite. I was able to ask her questions about the current products I am buying and getting suggestions on healthier options or brands. For example I learned the difference between cage free eggs and pasture eggs (they are not the same) and booster foods. All of the information I received helped me make better decisions about what foods to buy and where to buy them, as well as changing  my overall eating habits for an even healthier lifestyle.

Thank you Stefanie!"

Renee, Sausalito CA

"Truthful disclaimer: Stefanie Adler is my daughter. Another truth is that I was skeptical of her holistic approach to health and food. However, what I learned by accepting her as my health coach has changed my life. At 57 years old I was scheduled for a knee replacement. Just walking hurt. I had ballooned to a 44” waist and heading down the diabetes path. She made suggestions for reading about proper eating habits. She gave me a nutritional supplement plan, ideas on best eating habits, and was always there when I needed advice on foods. One year later, I am proud to say that I have lost 50 pounds. I have a 36” waist and feel like I’m in my 30’s again. I am back to exercising and doing physically demanding jobs. All my blood work shows I am on the path to a healthy future. All I needed to do was to  change my view on food and the way I eat. Now I just let my body do the rest. I attribute a lot of what I have accomplished to my trust in Stefanie’s advice and plan for me. She helped me reset my body to health and wellness. If you are seeking a nonjudgmental health coach that will care about your every step in the process, I highly recommend Stefanie. She is wonderful. A proud (and healthier) father. " 

Jason, Atlanta, GA