Mint Chip 'Nice Cream' - A Delightful Frozen Treat

Mint chocolate chip is one of my favorite ice cream flavors, ever! There’s something about the crisp coolness of the mint and the crunchy bits of the chocolate that screams summer to me!

Recently I was hosting an event and was inspired to recreate the mint chip magic with ‘nicer’ ingredients ;) I’ll also be trying this with a coconut instead of banana base later this summer, so stay tuned.

I didn’t measure anything exactly, and you don’t need to either! Use this as an opportunity to play and get creative based around my suggestions!

These eyeballed amounts made about 3 cups of nice cream! So feel free to try making half, after serving to lots of friends and eating a scoop size amount a few times we still have some in the freezer!



5 bananas, sliced in at least 5 parts and frozen

Small handful of spinach - for color and nutrition! It’s tasteless in this :)

Capful of vanilla extract

A few drops of mint flavor, I use Simply Organic Peppermint Flavor (don’t love the oil but in such small amounts I’m OK with it) You could try this with fresh mint, I have had mixed success with that!

Large handful of Cacoa Nibs, (you can totally use chocolate chips, I prefered to keep it super squeaky clean this time)

Dash of Almond or hazelnut milk, for a little fat and to make it creamy.


In a food processor, add the bananas and process until a creamy mixture begins to take form. Add in the spinach, mint flavor, and vanilla extract. Slowly add about tablespoon amounts of nut milk until desired consistency is reached. Remove from food processor and stir in cocoa nibs!

Enjoy immediately!

I store leftovers in the freezer and allow them to defrost for about 20 minutes before eating, in order to get the right consistency :)

I hope everyone finds someone who looks at them like Danny looks at this nice cream!! #relationshipgoals

I hope everyone finds someone who looks at them like Danny looks at this nice cream!! #relationshipgoals