Nourishing Experiences

I had the pleasure to learn from Stefanie Adler over the past year in the context of several workshops and a retreats geared towards women’s health and wellness. Stefanie knows the healing power of food first hand. She transforms the complex world of nutrition, making holistic eating accessible with her passion, wealth of knowledge and commitment to support each person’s journey. I am incredibly grateful to Stefanie for introducing a new perspective on transformation through food, creating a community of healthy empowered women and adding endless yummy recipes to my life.
— Sarah, Palo Alto, CA

Workshops- Host a Nourishing Experience for your friends, family or colleagues. A Nourishing Workshop involves learning a skill, tool or practical application of wellness that nourishes the Mind, Body and Soul. I believe these experiences have the ability to create positive change and increase overall wellness. Doing so with a group, creates a community of wellness to continue to grow and encourage each other after the experience ends.

Cooking Classes- Learn how to make bright, vibrant meals for you and your friends or family. Host an evening with others or work one on one with me to gain the confidence to cook fun healthy meals! Classes are between 2-4 hours and have a maximum of 18 people. 

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“Over the last two years I’ve had the pleasure of working with Stefanie Adler in numerous programming capacities. I’ve hired her as a chef, educator, coach, and cannot rave enough about her. She’s passionate, creative, easy to work with and a joy to have around. Bright and caring, Stefanie is without a doubt an incredible chef that will make you love taking care of your body.”

- Analucia, San Francisco

Retreats-  Want to plan an immersive weekend of wellness? Over a weekend nourish the body and mind with a variety of programming, including transformational health and wellness learning sessions and healthy cooking. 

"Stefanie prepared 3 days of meals for a retreat that I ran and our crowd was blown away by her talent. Stefanie's cooking is beyond just delicious and healthy - she infuses every meal with intentionality that brings together health, flavor, creativity, and joy. Her passion for good food and educating others about the power of eating well is obvious. She is an absolute joy to work with and made the process of buying and portioning ingredients, budgeting, and cooking simple and fun. I highly recommend Stefanie to anyone looking to become more knowledgeable about whole foods cooking, nutrition, and practical steps to implementing wellness-based lifestyle changes." Kyla, San Francisco, CA

"Stefanie Adler is a gem! I've attend two of her nutrition and food centric events, and was motivated to change my relationship to food after. Stefanie's focus on nourishment is truly inspiring and has helped launch my new relationship with food. For the first time, I feel like I'm on a journey to feel my best, and not on a diet to loose weight. This mentality has helped me loose 10 pounds in two months. I was lucky enough to indulge in her home-cooked meals for an entire weekend. Not only was the food beyond delicious (we all wanted the recipes), but I felt satisfied, full, and didn't leave craving more. Stefanie's passion, knowledge, and approachability cannot be matched. She is amazing at building communities centered around food. I look forward to continuing to learn from her at future events!" - Sivan, San Francisco, CA

"I had the honor of enjoying Stefanie’s dishes during a weekend retreat. Not only was her menu thoughtful and nourishing, but she catered to everyone’s dietary needs. As a vegan, it’s so comforting to have a chef that can plan both vegan/non-vegan menus. EVERY dish was delicious and inspired and Stefanie provided detailed information on the nutritional content of each dish. I’ll definitely be taking some of her tips back to my cooking!" - Oliva, Oakland, CA

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