Stefanie Adler, founder of Bright Bean, is a Certified Nutrition Consultant, Natural Chef and Wellness Coach. She has been passionate about health and wellness, and the relationship between diet and health since a young age, when she healed years of digestive trouble with dietary modifications. After completing her Bachelors Degree in Conflict Resolution abroad, Stefanie knew she wanted to take her passion for health and food further. She enrolled in Bauman College's two year Holistic Nutrition program to expand her knowledge in nutritional science, learn about various health conditions and illnesses, and dive deeper into using a holistic approach when working with her clients and the community.  During this time Stefanie began to further explore the world of Family Wellness, discovering the impact of diet and other factors in the home on children's health and behavior. Stefanie has a special interest in women's hormones and gut health. She also loves working with corporate groups and young professionals, as she's discovered that small changes make a world of a difference to this group! 

Stefanie teaches her clients how to eat based on their own individual body's needs and a food philosophy that focuses on eating nourishing SOUL {seasonal + organic + unprocessed + local} foods. Combined with a whole foods approach, she uses ancient wisdom from fresh herbs and modern high quality supplements to aid the body in healing and optimization. Stefanie believes that a whole foods based diet doesn't require calorie counting or 'dieting', rather focusing on quality ingredients that give your body the support and nutrition it needs. She teaches her clients the fundamentals of eating for nourishment and gives them the tools + knowledge to live a vibrant + quality life of wellness. Stefanie teaches her clients the importance of balance, and makes a holistic lifestyle attainable for all with her highly-customized programs tailored to meet each of her client's specific needs + goals. She specializes in helping her client's form healthy relationships with food, creating a sustainable lifestyle around healthy living, and working together to find the root cause of factors that may be contributing to their current state of health. Stefanie empowers others to be their most authentic selfs through health and wellness, as when the body is working with you, your potential is limitless. 

Stefanie found that during her time with clients they would often feel empowered by the information but unsure where to begin in the kitchen. Stefanie wants her clients to feel fully supported during their journey to health, therefore she has customized her consultant services to truly meet her clients needs. Providing meal support, cooking classes, grocery and farmers market trips, and having a network of holistic minded individuals available for referrals, Stefanie ensures that you are supported along every step of this journey to health.