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I offer a comprehensive and holistic approach to health. I believe whole foods and a balanced lifestyle are the building blocks to health. The programs I create, which can be geared towards both individuals and groups, are tailored to your unique combination of health goals, needs, and preferences. By guiding you through the process, it's my mission to make you feel confident about your wellbeing, diet, lifestyle and overall health. 

“Stefanie is truly wonderful to work with. Her holistic approach started at square one, and leaves no stone unturned, as diet, mental and physical health are intertwined. She has given me the confidence and support to address my challenges by making incremental adjustments to my diet over time on which we both agree. The small changes add up and the results are real. I began working with Stefanie for my autoimmune condition. Not only have I seen my condition improve, but I’ve also experienced a plethora of other benefits, and I feel great. I highly recommend working with Stefanie, as her passion, knowledge and kindness make her your best ally.”
— Ben, Berkeley, CA

Are you overwhelmed with all the nutrition and lifestyle information out there and want clarity on what's right for you? 

Do you want to increase your energy and quality of life? 

Do you want guidance on how to heal health conditions naturally through diet and lifestyle shifts? 

If you answered YES to any of these questions, let's connect! 

“Life Changing. That is the effect that Stefanie had on me and my family. When you work with Stefanie, you get a complete, authentic and dedicated partner. No matter the day or hour, the question or concern she is right there as you take a holistic and complete journey to wellness. Stefanie’s approach is unique in that every part of your life is included in the journey. While she may start with discussion about your diet, it quickly expands to a 360 degree approach, incorporating best practices with faith, mental and physical wellness as part of her work. I began working with Stefanie with a few short-term goals, that quickly pivoted under her guidance to developing a playbook for life. When you work with Stefanie, she does not just focus on a plan for today or tomorrow but one that you can use for years to come. I highly recommend working with Stefanie, her passion, knowledge, deep commitment and amazing kindness make her an essential partner as you begin on the road to newfound health”
— Scott, Oakland CA

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 I custom tailor health programs to fit you and your families needs. Find out the different services I offer and how we can start brightening up your life together!

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